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Many complex treatments including structural heart therapies and advanced cardiovascular hybrid therapies requires highly specialised teams and the volume of such therapies are not high. Hiring such teams permanently on a full-time basis within a hospital/Center may not be cost effective. Also, attempting such treatments with minimally experienced teams risks poor outcomes. Availing The Heart Valve Centre's services on a case-by-case basis allows cost effective, consistent and safe delivery of treatment in the same hospital so long as minimal facility requirement by HeartTeam India is satisfied.

As a result, patients visiting the hospital need not be referred or transferred to another centre and can get their treatments within their usual centre under their usual clinician looking after them. Moreover, outcomes are consistently the best in the country as the treatment is delivered by high volume and highly specialised teams in the country with the maximum experience in the country. Alternatively, Hospitals may choose to transfer patient to HeartTeam India’s nearest chosen hospital for treatment and then transfer back once treatment performed. The patient will therefore not have to deal with two hospital admissions or bills as they will only be through the referring hospital team.

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Physicians/Surgeons can get one to one help from an accredited and highly experienced HeartTeam India specialist. In the process of using HeartTeam India’s services, they can opt to be trained towards becoming an independent operator. Once they opt, the physician/surgeon will undergo staged training and proctoring towards being signed off as an independent operator and will get regular updates on any new technologies taken up by HeartTeam India. Physician/Surgeon will also get an opportunity of enrolling themselves as a specialist within HeartTeam India.

The patient continues to be under the care of the referring physician before the treatment, through-out the treatment process and after the treatment thereby maintaining continuity of care and maintaining patient confidence on their regular physician/surgeon.

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  • Omandurar Government super speciality hospital
  • KIMS hospital Hyderabad
  • MGM Healthcare, Chennai

What are the details required to give an opinion?

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A list of patient’s clinical history and demographics including some blood test results will be collected. The entire echocardiogram video of the patient on a CD or uploaded onto the website as video files are required. For many cases, a gated cardiac CT scan and a CT aortogram is required. The Gated Cardiac CT scan should be from a CT scanner no less than a 64 slice CT scanner with data acquisition of 0.5mm slice thickness. The aortogram should cover cranially from the carotids and caudally to the common femoral bifurcation.

The entire CT data (Gated Cardiac CT scan and CT Aortogram) should be sent as a DVD or uploaded onto the website for analysis. The best format to upload all image data including echocardiogram and CT scan would be in Dicom format.

The best way to send all this information is online through our dedicated website which has an easy online uploading system which is quick and cost effective. For cases involving coronaries, the coronary angiogram files can be sent in the same way.

If one faces difficulty, they can contact the help line on the website who can guide through the process.

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